Monday, 25 March 2013


Dear Internet,

I'm Sarah. I'm 18 and I live in Berkshire, England. I shouldn't really specify the town, but I'm about half an hour's train journey from London. Just for those of you who are not familiar with our fair Britannia. I can't exactly remember the day that I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. It was September, officially. But unofficially it was nearer the beginning of the summer. I can't say it was much of a shock, although I didn't actually know what it was. I'd heard it mentioned, of course, but I didn't know much more than "it's a form of autism". High-fuctioning autism.

Anyway, enough of that. This isn't really a lovey-feely blog. I hate that stuff. Makes me sick. I made this blog to post the things that I learn about the world, based on a notebook that I've been keeping, "SARAH'S BOOK OF SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS, MISLEADING COMMUNICATIONS AND GENERAL ETIQUETTE". Whenever I make a mistake or I find out a new rule about how to act in public or private - mainly through the laughter of others - I write it down. And now I'm going to share it with you, dear internet.

Enjoy. I know I do /sarcasm/.

From Sarah.

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